“How Do You Do It?”


“How do you do it?” Hands down, that’s the number one question I’m asked. Coincidentally, it’s the one I have yet to come up with a decent answer for that doesn’t leave, even me, confused in the end. So I’ll attempt to tackle it now, that broad, sweeping question…”How…do you DO it?”


We’ll need to break it down a bit, because like I said, it’s a broad question. How do I raise special needs kids? Four of them? Well..I don’t know anything else. This is my life. The only one I’ve ever had. It feels normal to me, this flow of ours. Honestly, sometimes when I leave you and your typical children, I want to ask you the same thing…but it would sound RUDE, so I don’t. You know, I buy extra chicken nuggets, when I go to the store for the biggest Pull Ups that they are always out of. I cover up sleeping children in halls and think nothing of it. I drink more coffee than Starbucks is allowed to sell me daily. I sit on the outside of my kids’ doors sometimes and cry. I pray. A lot.


How do I homeschool a highschooler, a middle schooler, a fifth and first grader? ….Can I answer coffee for all of the questions, actually? I kid. Well, I frankly, hate answering this question. Are you asking because you actually want to homeschool your kids or are you being nosey? Pardon my bluntness, it’s just my kids get “quizzed” a lot…more so than any typically schooled children, I assure you, and it’s just a sensitive topic with us. Also, most people don’t really like my answer, BUT if you really want it…here it is. We’re eclectic unschoolers. I use my children’s abilities and interests and work with them, not against them. If you’d like to know what eclectic unschooling is, there is Google. I don’t actually enjoy explaining it THAT much. I know…I’m the worst.


How do I work and have homeschooled kids? Oh that one’s easy. Have you seen my second boy? Thirteen years old and over six feet tall. He eats two egg sandwiches. For a snack. I HAVE to work. Sometimes that means I clean other people’s toilets at midnight. I dunno, man. I do what I gotta do. I nap, and my oldest son gets paid to babysit. Life skills. It’s a team sport.


How do I find time to write and run a Facebook page, while taking care of my family? This one is usually loaded. It’s asked by people who say they are just too busy living to be online. The people that don’t understand the years I spent alone, wishing for someone to share my day with. They don’t know what it’s like when you find people that are going through the same things you are on the other side of the world. They don’t know what it is to love a family, a friend, that you’ve never seen, but speak to every day. This time online is sometimes the only social networking I have. I MAKE time for it, because my friends, my community, mean something to me.


How do I do it?… I just do. There is no other option.

About Mutha Lovin' Autism

My name is Erin. I am a mother of four children. I, my son and my daughter have Aspergers. My oldest has sensory processing disorder and my youngest has "classic autism". We are a homeschooling family who enjoys sharing our lives with others. I want to bring hope, humor and honesty to this community. Together we can make a difference.

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