Creepy Cliche Comments…or the CCC.


“Everything happens for a reason.”


“God won’t put more on you than you can handle.”


“I couldn’t do what you do. God knew what he was doing, when He made you a special needs mommy and not me.”


These are “compliments”….little words of encourage we get… When you’re at the beginning of your autism race, you hear these words and you smile, offer a clique answer back, or use that moment to spread autism awareness, while the other person kind of listens and cares for second….right up until they go eat dinner with their family…in public….like you can’t.


We KNOW they mean well. We WANT to be polite….but somewhere inside of us squirms words we can’t let out…”Really? So your child pops out with autism and you wouldn’t be able to deal?….I don’t think you mean that….does God see me flipping out right now, ALMOST not handling it anymore?…and what IS the reason?? Our numbers are at 1 in 50. Is there a reason? Or is it a side effect? An epidemic? Do you think about that?….Cause I do….. All the time.”


But….we don’t say any of that. We are pros at that “taken with a grain of salt” thing.


Did God hand pick us? Luck of the draw? Does everything happen for a reason? Will he finally pull the plug, when I say I can’t handle anymore?

I don’t “preach” much in my blogging world, but I am a Christian …it has everything to do with everything for me, so I’ll give you my spin on the truth behind these common phrases we hear. I don’t think EVERYTHING happens for a reason, except to glorify God…and don’t GET me started on all the crappy things that have been used to bring Him honor…I think some things happen because that’s LIFE. The Bible say, “All things work together for good for them that love the Lord.” I know for a FACT he can turn something messed up into something fantastic. That’s all I need to know.


Does He not put more on us than we can handle?…What He said was, “I will never leave you or forsake you…..with Me, all things are possible.” I think He’s saying, “This jazz is gonna be hard…look at me in my eyes…I’M NOT EVER LEAVING YOU.” (I’d like to think He says “jazz”,anyway.)


I believe the best thing to do is see the heart of all the words that are said to us….educate where and when we can…be polite…and, on occasion, when the need is there, be a super hero.





















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